Buck Hunters Hunting Club
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P.O. Box 136 Spring City, TN 37381

Buck Hunters Hunting Club Application Form

Please fill in application completely:  Name____________________________                         Date___________   Address__________________________ City_____________________________                      Contact Numbers: State______________ Zip____________                Cell_________________ Email____________________________                  Home__________________                                                                                                DL#_____________________________                       Vehicle Type________________ Color____________ Tag#_____________  To add youths that will hunt will be $50 a year per child ( 16 years old and under)  Name______________________ Age__________ DOB_______________ Name______________________ Age__________ DOB_______________  ______ I will not hold Buck Hunters Hunting Club responsible should certain parcels of lease land be terminated or sold.  _______ I have completely read this agreement, I understand it thoroughly, I fully agree with its content. I agree to release from liability, Buck Hunters Hunting Club and all said landowners, and to assume full responsibility for any injury, death or property damage which I may sustain or cause during my visit to their property.  X________________________________          Today’s Date____/_____/_____ Signature
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