1. If you scout an area to hunt and another hunters has already put a stand in you must move                  to another area out of consideration.  2. If there is a disagreement between two hunters both hunters will meet with Jerry, to work      the problem out.  3. No cutting of trees, no nails in trees, no spikes in trees, no permanent stands.  4. If a hunter catches another hunter damaging property, before calling to report them,  please      get a tag number, or name of the person, or  full description of the atv or vehicle and the      color If you do not, don’t bother to call.  5. Youth hunters will be $50 a year (anyone 16 yrs. old and under ) cards will be issued and we        must have notification in advance. They must have their hunters safety course and be       accompanied  by an adult.  6. ATV’s are to stay on existing logging roads and atv trails.  7. If anyone is drinking, smells of alcohol, or doing drugs on any of our lands he or she will       be dismissed from the club without membership reimbursement.  8. Please keep our woods free of trash. Remember drinking and guns don’t mix: Safety Always.  9. All hunters must abide by Tennessee Hunting regulations.   10. Hunters are allowed two stands. That means no more than two stands, this includes       climbers and blinds.  11. Food Plots: Buck Hunters Hunting Club plants food plots the best they can for all the        members. If a member chooses to go on his own to plant a food plot, that is for all members.       No member has a private food plot.  12. Members need to notify us of the game that is harvested on the properties.  Breaking any of these rules can result in member loosing their membership without reimbursement of their membership dues.
Buck Hunters Hunting Club            (423) 533-2084        Membership Rules

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